About Us

We are a team of professionals with doctors and chemists all working together. We’re different from most beauty brands. We’re pioneers who think that beauty products should contribute to your life, not compromise it. We seek out the best and most effective ingredients. We have taken the time to research and create a skincare line we truly believe in. In this day and age women are starting to implement anti-aging skincare routines at a younger and younger age. We are providing the resources that are natural and safe for even teenagers to use.

Preventative care is the best care and the most essential as the rising concern for smooth and healthy skin has become more prominent. Even if the signs of aging are already there Vivelza skincare products will help you restore properties of youthful skin. We feel that Vivelza will be the change you need in your daily regimen to begin to see the natural glow of your skin. Aging is a natural course in life and having the right products to help you age gracefully is what we are excited to introduce. Vivelza is just getting started!


Our Values

Our core values are delivering the highest quality of products and the highest quality of service. The time we take to research, test and create these products is equal to the time we spend in delivering our clients the best service that they deserve. There are no shortcuts when it comes to being real and genuine. We pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere that people can sense how much we care about what we do and make. Your opinion and results matter and we want to stay true to our mission. To help women create healthy skincare practices for their daily



Argireline® is a cutting edge anti-wrinkle peptide. This amino acid complex has undergone stringent scientific testing and has consistently shown improvement when used consistently. It acts as a wrinkle smoother for creases, furrows and deep lines induced by repeated facial movements. EYEDELINE™ marine ingredient is obtained from the microorganism E. Crustacean isolated in Playa Paraíso, a rocky beach in Tenerife Island. This active ingredient targets the three concerns of the eye area: eye bags, dark circles and wrinkles. It promotes the production of type I collagen and elastin by dermal fibroblasts.

Cucumber is a natural anti-inflammatory, cooling and astringent. It helps tighten and soothe the skin. Its astringent properties are what aides in improving the appearance of large pores as well as acne.

Coconut prevents premature aging, it preserves the smoothness of your face by keeping it wrinkle free and acts as a moisturizer. Collagen, a structural protein in the inner layers of skin, is what keeps the skin elastic and smooth. It may breakdown because of being exposed to UV rays, pollution, smoking, and physical injuries. Replacement of collagen is necessary to counteract the effects of its breakdown. It has been found that coconut can penetrate deep into the skin. The triglycerides in the coconut attract protein molecules, ensuring timely repair of the collagen layer.